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Pushing the Boundaries of What's Known and Conventional

We are an engineering and product development centre that designs, develops and productizes new technologies, products, and services towards a more sustainable society.

From Portugal, we work by bridging together cities, industries, and universities around product development programs in high-tech sectors such as Mobility, Aeronautics, and Space.

Some facts

450+ People

Working together to push the boundaries of what's known.


Working with Portuguese industry for global manufactures, such as Stellantis and Toyota.


For Embraer working on the KC-390 aircraft, and for Rocket Factory Augsburg working on the RFAOne Launcher.

Engineering Supplier

Top 3 Engineering Supplier of Leonardo Helicopters Division.


We are one of the highest R&D investors in Portugal.

Leader OF New Space

We are one of the two European providers of Very High-Resolution imagery with GEOSAT, the leader of the Atlantic Satellite Constellation.





Global Autoparts Study

We began with a Global Autoparts Study, in a collaborative effort by MIT, IAPMEI, INTELI, and IST, with the purpose of shedding light on the complex network of the automotive market and analyse in depth the auto parts supply chain.

P3 Study

This project aimed to develop a comprehensive strategy for the production of zero-emission niche vehicles in Portugal. In partnership with IAPMEI, INTELI, IST, MIT, and Penn State University, we took the first steps towards the future of transportation.

CEiiA - CTAG Cooperation Platform

Together with CTAG, a technology centre from Galiza, we established an innovation hub in Maia with the purpose of combining the resources and expertise of both teams.

Pininfarina ENJOY Project

On-the-job training in the ENJOY Project at Pininfarina, Italy. The ENJOY Project was designed to provide participants with practical experience in the world of automotive design and engineering, through hands-on training and mentorship from Pininfarina's experts.

Creation of our Engineering Centre

In 2006, we created our engineering centre with the purpose of helping to develop our industries towards complete product development, from design to production.

Cooperation with Volkswagen Autoeuropa

We began our partnership with Volkswagen Autoeuropa, focused on optimizing the production line for the VW EOS, a stylish convertible model, that aimed to address and reduce deformations that could occur during the manufacturing process.

Ferrari P4/5 Project

This year marks our contribution to reimagine the Ferrari Enzo and create the Ferrari P4/5. This one-of-a-kind car, known as the P4/5, is the result of a collaborative effort between Pininfarina and CEiiA.

Seat Module Development Project

In partnership with Simoldes, Sunviauto, Inapal, IST, and UMinho, we developed a new seat module, combining the expertise of our industries with academic institutions, with the goal of reimagining the future of automotive seating.

Electric vehicle "Buddy"

CEiiA has joined forces with ElbiNorge, a renowned Norwegian electric vehicle provider, to breathe new life into the BUDDY electric vehicle. This collaborative effort delivered a restyled BUDDY with significant improvements in safety and weight reduction through the use of new and lighter materials, by implementing cost-effective technologies suitable for small-scale production.

Establish of Aeronautics Unit

We took a leap forward in the aerospace sector by creating our Aeronautics Unit. We began by partnering with Leonardo Helicopters, formerly known as Augusta Westland, on the development of several helicopter programs.


Launch of the Electric Mobility Platform MOBI.E, including the development of the first electric vehicle charger with EFACEC and the charging management system with Novabase and Critical Software.

KC-390 Aircraft

Start of cooperation with Embraer on the KC-390 program, a versatile military transport aircraft designed for tactical and logistical missions, aerial refuelling, firefighting, and a variety of assisting operations. We began the development of significant parts of the aircraft, its elevator, central fuselage, and sponson.

BE Program

We began the development of new urban mobility and next-generation transportation systems designed for Portuguese cities. By prioritizing sustainability, the BE Program aimed to create cleaner, smarter, and more eco-friendly urban environments.

MIND Brazil

Creation of MIND Brazil and launch of cooperation with the company ITAIPU, manager of the Iguaçu Central, for an electric mobility platform. This joint effort focused on significantly impacting the transportation landscape in Brazil, paving the way towards sustainable mobility.

Eco-Electric and Ecomóvel

This year marked the launch of several mobility projects in Brazil, like the “Eco-Electric” that aimed to create a more sustainable, and efficient transportation system in Curitiba and “Ecomóvel” to accelerate the adoption of eclectic vehicles and sustainable mobility in Brasília City.


Launch of the electric mobility platform “mobi.me”, which won several awards, including the European Cloud Award in 2014. We had the opportunity to present it at COP21, the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, in Paris.


In collaboration with the municipality of Cascais, we helped bring to life the app MobiCascais. This platform streamlines the mobility experience by integrating various services into one user friendly interface, such as public buses, parking, and shared bicycles.

Our new headquarters

Our move to a new, modern, and spacious headquarters in Matosinhos provided us with the facilities to continue growing, accommodate more people, and tackle new challenges. This year also saw the creation of our Évora Hub, further solidifying our position within the Portuguese aeronautical industry.

KC-390 first flight

The skies over Brazil witnessed a historic moment as the Embraer's KC-390 took to the air for the very first time and successfully completed its maiden flight.

MEDUSA - Deep-sea platform

The MEDUSA is a deep-sea research platform designed to collect valuable data and insights from our oceans. It marked the beginning of a new development axis for us, after being successfully tested in a depth of 1,100 meters.

eCooltra Scooter

Launch of the eCooltra scooter sharing service in Barcelona, which was expanded to Lisbon, Rome, and Madrid in 2017. This eco-friendly transportation option offers residents and visitors a more convenient and environmentally conscious way to navigate the city.

Uber Green

We partnered with Uber to develop a new mobility service pilot that we called “Uber Green”, to allow users to request rides in electric vehicles. The service was designed to help citizens reduce their environmental impact and quantify the emissions avoided by choosing green mobility.

MAANTA - Non-invasive Tags

MAANTA is a product line of non-invasive marine animal tags, designed to track blue sharks and manta rays in-situ and register their activity and habitat information with minimal environmental impact. This development was done in collaboration with the University of the Azores and National Geographic.

Integration in the INFANTE Consortium

The INFANTE was a consortium of Portuguese companies and institutions to research, develop and produce satellite components, preparing our aerospace industry to develop future satellites and constellations.

Development of the RFA One

We partner with German company RFA to develop the upper stage of the RFA One space launcher, the device that propels the final payload into orbit. The goal is to create a complex, but low-cost and lightweight product.

Development of the MH-1 Satellite

In partnership with Thales Edisoft and MIT Portugal we began developing AEROS Program that focused on developing a nano satellite and empower our industry and scientific communities towards future space programs.

AYR platform at COP 26

We got the opportunity to present our AYR platform at the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland. AYR is a blockchain-based sustainability software that rewards carbon-neutral mobility behaviour by quantifying avoided emissions, towards carbon-neutral cities.

Creation of GEOSAT

In 2021 we created the company GEOSAT in cooperation with AIR Centre and Omnidea. It's the first Portuguese satellite operator and one of the only two very high-resolution satellite operators in Europe after purchasing two satellites from the Spanish company DEIMOS.

Creation of CoLAB 4LifeLab

The CoLAB 4LifeLab is a collaboration between CEiiA and the University Hospital Center of São João. This initiative aims to position Portugal as a key player of the future health technology markets, contributing to improve quality of life by expediting medical responses and assist emergency and crisis situations.

Launch of the Be.Neutral Agenda

The BE.Neutral Agenda, supported by the PRR, aims to create the first Carbon Neutral region in Europe, by partnering cities, companies and institutions to develop new mobility products completely developed and operated from Portugal. We are developing several mobility products, from a new light-vehicle, a shared mobility service, to the expansion of AYR.

Launch of the Aero.Next Portugal Agenda

The Aero.Next Agenda, supported by the PRR, aims to develop, industrialize and operate from Portugal, next generation aeronautical products and services. CEiiA is developing a new regional aircraft called LUS-222 and, a new advanced air mobility drone and systems.

Launch of the New Space Portugal Agenda

The New Space Agenda, supported by the PRR aims to position Portugal in the rapidly growing New Space market, by deploying new satellites and strengthen Portugal's industrial capabilities. Our role is to develop, integrate and operate a new constellation of high and very high-resolution satellites.

Launch of MovItaijaí

We partnered with Itajai City to introduce the app MovItajaí. This software simplifies urban mobility within Itajai, offering a unified solution for all transportation needs and with our platform AYR, a way to quantify and value avoided carbon emissions by the use of shared mobility.

Creation of CTI - Aerospace Portugal

CEiiA, GEOSAT, and the Portuguese Air Force joined forces to launch the Technology and Innovation Aerospace Centre. It's focused on creating new knowledge, technologies, and applications and help Portugal lead the Atlantic Constellation.

AYR.ID - Wins IN3+ award

We won the prestigious IN3+ Prize, promoted by the Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda for our project AYR.ID – Digital Climate Identification. This initiative aims to empower citizens to take action against climate change by providing them with a tool to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint across their life.

Launch of MH-1 satellite

After 4 years of study and work, the AEROS program leaves its development era and enters operations with the launch of the MH-1 nanosatellite. This is the second Portuguese satellite, and the first being entirely built and certified in the country, a new step solidifying Portugal's place in the global Space community.

How do we achieve this?

We are engineering creativity on new products and services

Through our CoLAB S2uL - Smart & Sustainable Living, we develop new concepts, tools, and technologies for a carbon-neutral society. We do this in partnership with leading R&D organizations and industries from all around the world, turning these ideas into reality.

We work together with cities, industries, and universities towards a more sustainable future

By connecting cities, industries, and universities in major development programs, we are able to develop, industrialize and commercialize new sustainable products and services.

We are pushing the boundaries of what's known and conventional

We look towards the Future, that is why we involve young students, from the school benches to the University in our development process and co-create innovative solutions.

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