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Our Mobility unit develops new technologies, products, and services to accelerate our cities’ transition towards carbon neutrality.
This Unit stands at the core of our organization, being created in 2006 with the goal of establishing the capability to develop and industrialize complete products with the Portuguese automotive industry. Since then, CEiiA has been working in mobility by introducing new mobility concepts through innovative products and service.

Today, we work from automotive development to electric mobility and the development of new mobility services that quantify, and value emissions avoided during commuting, allowing users to be rewarded and to make a tangible contribution to the decarbonisation of their city.


Urban device for communities


Sustainability Platform

First spin-off of CEiiA

BEN (under development in Be.Neutral Agenda) is a light vehicle design to be used as a new mobility service  (X4US) to be industrialized from Portugal (by BEN4US).
AYR is a sustainability platform that rewards carbon-neutral behaviour and is designed to accelerate our goal of achieving carbon neutrality. Built to connect people, communities, and devices in a network where one’s sustainable actions create tokens that can be exchanged for green goods, services and to locally offset carbon emissions. is a mobility services integration platform that allows several applications for corporate and Cities namely: management of the mobi.e network; scooter sharing (e.cooltra); Ecoelétrico Curitiba and Ecomob Brasilia; MobiCascais, among others.


Accessible People Mover


Compact Eletric Vehicle


Roof Centre console

Toyota APM (Accessible People Mover) is an electric mobility vehicle, produced in Portugal and designed to transport people at the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Together with Toyota Portugal, we are developing a fleet of 250 APM vehicles as part of the BE.Neutral Agenda.
Buddy was a pioneering electric city vehicle produced by Buddy Electric in Norway. Designed for urban environments, it's a compact and efficient solution for short-distance, zero-emission commutes. CEiiA was responsible for the restyling, development, safety improvement, integration of new lighter materials and small series production.
Together with Simoldes, we developed and prototyped a large centre console for Stellantis, designed for cars with a panoramic roof to have less transport, storage and assembly costs.


Special sports Car

Volkswagen EOS

Compact Two-door Vehicle

Mclaren P13

Sports Car

Enjoy was designed by Pininfarina with Louis Vuitton and Bang & Olufsen. CEiiA’s engineering team was training-on-job in all phases of automotive product development around the development of a very special car. 
CEiiA was involved in Product quality improvements and BIW parts re-engineering to solve manufacturing concerns. 
In the McLaren P13 we were involved in developing the tailgate, door and bonnet of the vehicle with a team deployed at McLaren facilities.

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VP Design
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Customer Success

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José Silva

Head of Mobility

José Silva is the most creative mechanical engineer ever. He grew up at CEiiA throughout the various challenges that the automotive and mobility area overcame. From the Buddy project, to team leadership at McLaren P13, to various mobility projects and the development of Toyota's APM. A lover of robotics, he very early embraced CEiiA's approach to cyber-physical development, and today he has on his hands the leadership of our Mobility Unit and the challenge of developing our vehicle BEN, based on the concept of integration between a physical and a digital platform to be used in a new sustainable mobility service in communities.

Open Positions in Mobility

Pedro Gaspar

Head of Future Business Technology

Pedro is responsible for creating new products and services in the unit of Mobility with revolutionary business models with sustainability at their core. Over the years he has worked in various sectors such as Telecommunications, Fintech, Energy and Smartcities, always as a leader in innovation.

Work with us and become part of a culture that values innovation, encourages collaboration, and rewards ingenuity. Here, yourwork impacts industries, transforms user experiences, and ignites new trends.

Open Positions in Mobility

Carlos Ferreira & Rui Cordeiro

Head of Connectivity and Digital Platforms

Carlos Ferreira and Rui Cordeiro spearhead our Electronics and Connectivity (EC) unit, bringing together a unique blend of expertise and vision.
With extensive experience in telecommunications, IoT and, electronics, they are committed to pushing the boundaries of connectivity and digital innovation at CEiiA.
Together with the EC team, they lead our efforts in developing integrated solutions that connect the physical and digital worlds, driving forward our mission of creating a sustainable and interconnected future.

Open Positions in Mobility

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