Aeronautics Products

New generation aeronautics for a more safe and sustainable future


Light Regional Aircraft

LUS222 is a light regional aircraft developed with a focus on efficiency, affordability, and sustainability. It is designed to serve short-haul routes and cater to the needs of regional aviation markets, particularly in Africa and Latin America. This will be the first aircraft fully developed and assembled in Portugal.


Advanced Air Mobility Service

SAAM - Service for Advanced Air Mobility, is a product we are developing that will operate in urban and semi-urban areas, using a new autonomous drone focused on small cargo transportation, specifically in last mile logistics and medical emergencies. CEiiA is developing this service from concept to assembly and certification, including a new set of safety systems and fleet monitoring.

Embraer KC-390

Multi-mission Transport Aircraft

We are a key partner in the development of the KC-390, Embraer's advanced multi-mission transport aircraft. CEiiA is responsible for the elevator, sponson, and central fuselage development, representing two-thirds of the aircraft and exceeding 800,000 hours of engineering from concept to certification. Stands as the largest aeronautical project ever developed in Portugal.

Leonardo AW-119

Light Single-Engine Helicopter

The AW-119 is a single-engine, eight-seat utility helicopter manufactured by Leonardo, designed for civilian and military use to be extremely versatile and capable of operating in a wide variety of missions. Our focus was on the structural engineering and stress analysis of the fuselage.

Leonardo AW-609

Tiltrotor VTOL Aircraft

AW-609 is a twin-engine tiltrotor aircraft developed by Leonardo Helicopters, designed to combine the speed and range of a fixed-wing aircraft with the vertical flight capabilities of a helicopter. Our involvement in this program focuses on the Fuselage and Tail of the aircraft, specifically on structural analysis and manufacturing optimization.

Dassault Falcon 6X

Long-range Business Jet

The Falcon 6X is a top-of-the-line long-range business jet developed by Dassault Aviation in France. Our involvement focuses on the centre fuselage and the baggage compartment door, doing structural analysis, weight reduction, manufacturing support and other engineering improvements.

Kopter AW09

Single turbine helicopter

We are a key supplier throughout the complete project lifecycle, specialized in stress analysis services and design support onMain Structure and Systems. The AW09 is a new generation, single-engine helicopter under development by Kopter Helicopters to be a multi-role aircraft that can seat between five and eight people.