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Our Aeronautics unit focuses on creating new-generation aircraft and flying systems to be industrialized and operated from Portugal, and on providing engineering services for global aerospace manufacturers.
Created in 2009 with the goal of advancing our industry’s aeronautical capabilities, we began working with Leonardo Helicopters Division, and since then, have participated in all helicopters developed by this world leading OEM (top 3 engineering supplier). We became a key partner in the entire development cycle of the new Embraer KC-390, with more than 800,000 hours of engineering.

Built upon this experience, we have started the development of LUS222 (Light Regional Aircraft), the first aircraft to be industrialized from Portugal. We are combining competences from automotive, mobility and aeronautics around the integration between horizontal and vertical mobility to make possible the AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) in a near future.


Light Regional Aircraft


Advanced Air Mobility Service

LUS222 is a light regional aircraft developed with a focus on efficiency, affordability, and sustainability. It is designed to serve short-haul routes and cater to the needs of regional aviation markets, particularly in Africa and Latin America. This will be the first aircraft fully developed and assembled in Portugal.
SAAM - Service for Advanced Air Mobility, is a product we are developing that will operate in urban and semi-urban areas, using a new autonomous drone focused on small cargo transportation, specifically in last mile logistics and medical emergencies. CEiiA is developing this service from concept to assembly and certification, including a new set of safety systems and fleet monitoring

Embraer KC-390

Multi-mission Transport Aircraft

We are a key partner in the development of the KC-390, Embraer's advanced multi-mission transport aircraft. CEiiA is responsible for the elevator, sponson, and central fuselage development, representing two-thirds of the aircraft and exceeding 800,000 hours of engineering from concept to certification. Stands as the largest aeronautical project ever developed in Portugal.

Leonardo AW-609

Tiltrotor VTOL Aircraft

Dassault Falcon 6X

Long-range Business Jet

Kopter AW09

Single turbine helicopter

AW-609 is a twin-engine tiltrotor aircraft developed by Leonardo Helicopters, designed to combine the speed and range of a fixed-wing aircraft with the vertical flight capabilities of a helicopter. Our involvement in this program focuses on the Fuselage and Tail of the aircraft, specifically on structural analysis and manufacturing optimization.
The Falcon 6X is a top-of-the-line long-range business jet developed by Dassault Aviation in France. Our involvement focuses on the centre fuselage and the baggage compartment door, doing structural analysis, weight reduction, manufacturing support and other engineering improvements.
We are a key supplier throughout the complete project lifecycle, specialized in stress analysis services and design support on Main Structure and Systems. The AW09 is a new generation, single-engine helicopter under development by Kopter Helicopters to be a multi-role aircraft that can seat between five and eight people.

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Miguel Braga

Head of Aeronautics

Hard-worker and a committed team player, with more than 15 years of experience in the aerospace sector, Miguel Braga is the Head of our Aeronautics Unit and is responsible for managing its business plan, roadmap and growth, leading a team of over 100 people with the support of Sara Lopez, Technical and Operations Manager.

With a variety of skills and backgrounds, our team is working together to develop a one-in-a-lifetime project, the development of the first aircraft completely developed and produced in Portugal, LUS-222.

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Sara Lopez

Technical & Operations Manager

With a Master's in Mechanical Engineering and over 17 years in the Aeronautics sector, Sara has led teams through all aircraft development phases, from concept to certification and MRO. As Technical & Operations Manager at CEiiA Aeronautics Unit since 2016, she has spearheaded projects with industry giants like Embraer, Leonardo Helicopters, Kopter, and Dassault, overseeing testing, R&D, and commercial programs.In her role as Deputy Technical Integrator of the KC390 program since 2015, Sara has managed the full development cycle, from concept to certification, for crucial components like the Elevator, Main Landing Gear Door & Sponson. She has provided vital manufacturing support, managed product change requests, and ensured adherence to the highest engineering and testing standards, both for civilian and military applications.

Open Positions in Aeronautics

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