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Our Space Unit develops new technologies, products, and services for the New Space Economy.
Our focus spans the entire value chain, from launchers and satellite development to operation and data application. Our goal is to use space for earth observation, solve some of the biggest problems facing humanity and help us build a more sustainable future.

Towards this goal, and with the purpose to address the increasing opportunities from this new industry and help position Portugal as a key player in Europe, we created the company GEOSAT, one of the two civilian European companies operating high-resolution satellites.



We are developing highly demanding structures for the small launcher market, demonstrating Portugal’s capacity to address complex, low-cost, lightweight and customized aerospace solutions, from concept to manufacture.


We are developing a new generation of nano and small satellites (up to 200 kg), with our engineering expertise, alongside with our full assembly, integration, and testing capacity in Portugal.


We provide Earth Observation products and services tailored to our customer needs, providing images and information in a variety of sectors and markets.


We are leveraging our unique positioning to create products that use both open and proprietary space-based imagery and AI to solve some of the biggest challenges of our planet and offer better solutions to our clients.


3U Nanosatellite

Very High-Resolution Satellites

VHR Satellites


Third-Stage of RFA One

MH-1 is the first satellite designed, built, and operated entirely by Portugal, marking another significant step in our ambitious journey to the New Space and the first of the MH-Constellation. CEiiA is responsible for its development and integration, as well as daily operation and data application.
With the goal to establish in Portugal the capacity to create complete satellites and space payloads, we are developing a new group of 8 high and 3 very high multi/hyper spectral resolution imagery, to integrate our Atlantic Constellation. This allows us to observe, and monitor disperse and vast territories, providing global insight of different phenomena with high revisit frequency.
The RFA One is a three-stage rocket to launch small satellites and payloads into orbits. The vehicle is 30m long and 2m in diameter and is currently under development by Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA).

Working together with RFA, we have successfully engineered, manufactured and delivered some of the complex structures of this rocket, namely the payload fairing structures, stage separation flanges and the main primary structure of the REDSHIFT orbital transfer vehicle. All, from concept to flight!


Satellite Management


Software Platforms

With our company GEOSAT, we are currently operating three satellites in orbit, managing their daily activities and orbiting adjustments, as well as improving their life span and product capabilities through AI and in-house specialized software.
We are utilizing our three satellites in orbit to offer space-based imagery and data to clients and partners in a variety of application verticals that include carbon markets, agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, smart cities, among others.

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Sara Migruh
VP Design
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Kareem Sindep
Head of Sales
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Leonard Amstel
Customer Success

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Rui Magalhães

Head of Space – Upstream

Passionate about engineering and doing ‘never-done-before’ stuff, Rui Magalhães graduated from the University of Minho and started his career in the UK. At WMG, he contributed to complex automotive programs and achieved his Ph.D. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering in the early 2000s. He returned to Portugal to lead an applied research centre (PIEP) for 15 years. Bridging academia and industry, he earned the Alumni distinction from the School of Engineering of the University of Minho in 2012. Joining CEiiA in 2018, he describes it as ‘one of the most challenging and exciting experiences.’ From rockets to satellites, he’s shaping CEiiA’s sustainable future in the competitive new space sector.

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André Dias

Head of Space – Downstream

André Dias, who once dreamed of becoming an astronaut, embarked on an aerospace engineering adventure across the globe. From Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal, to ISAE-SUPAERO in Toulouse, France, and soaring with Airbus Space and UCLA, in the USA, his passion remained sky-high. Returning to Portugal, André ignited the electric mobility revolution, pioneering the nation’s first public charging network, MOBI.E. His legacy? A greener, more connected Portugal. As Founder and CTO of GoWithFlow, later Daloop, CEiiA’s first spin-off, he continued pushing towards a more decarbonized future. Now, back at CEiiA, André leads with purpose and passion, by designing software applications that drive sustainability on Earth by leveraging the power of Space technologies.

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