Mobility Products

Accelerating the transformation process towards carbon neutrality in cities


Urban device for communities

BEN (under development in Be.Neutral Agenda) is a light vehicle design to be used as a new mobility service  (X4US) to be industrialized from Portugal (by BEN4US).


Sustainability Platform

AYR is a sustainability platform that rewards carbon-neutral behaviour and is designed to accelerate our goal of achieving carbon neutrality. Built to connect people, communities, and devices in a network where one’s sustainable actions create tokens that can be exchanged for green goods, services and to locally offset carbon emissions.

First spin-off of CEiiA is a mobility services integration platform that allows several applications for corporate and Cities namely: management of the mobi.e network; scooter sharing (e.cooltra); Ecoelétrico Curitiba and Ecomob Brasilia; MobiCascais, among others.

Bike Sharing Solutions

Bicycle Sharing Management

We developed a bike-sharing mobility system for electric and non-electric bicycles to facilitate access in our communities to green mobility alternatives. Our platform allows for the authentication, control, and monitoring of bicycle fleets as well as custom-built electric bicycles designed for Portuguese cities.


Electric Vehicle Charging

We developed and implemented a charging management platform that optimizes new and existing infrastructure and allows electric vehicle charging anywhere, facilitating access to our grid infrastructure, solving driver's problems and accelerating EV adoption.

BE vehicle

BE - Demonstration Vehicle

BE Is the result of Mobicar project, where CEiiA was responsible for the complete development, demonstration, and validation of this vehicle and the new materials, connectivity technologies and services developed.

Toyota APM

Accessible People Mover

Toyota APM (Accessible People Mover) is an electric mobility vehicle, produced in Portugal and designed to transport people at the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Together with Toyota Portugal, we are developing a fleet of 250 APM vehicles as part of the BE.Neutral Agenda.


Compact Electric Vehicle

Buddy was a pioneering electric city vehicle produced by Buddy Electric in Norway. Designed for urban environments, it's a compact and efficient solution for short-distance, zero-emission commutes. CEiiA was responsible for the restyling, development, safety improvement, integration of new lighter materials and small series production.


Roof Centre console

Together with Simoldes, we developed and prototyped a large centre console for Stellantis, designed for cars with a panoramic roof to have less transport, storage, and assembly costs.


PVAB - Photovoltaic Automotive Body

Together with Simoldes we developed and prototyped a new architecture for solar panel integration in vehicles, where we were responsible for complete development, architecture, and prototypes.

Future Door Panel

Future Door Panel

Design and development of a door panel with Simoldes and other national partners, for future passenger vehicles of Stellantis. We were responsible for all concept and style development, structural analysis, and prototyping.


LEIMSA - Automotive Central Console

CEiiA, together with Simoldes and national partners, designed, developed and prototype a central console and dashboard with an HMI interface incorporating new moulding technologies. We were responsible for the concept, design, UI/UX, architecture and prototype development.


FACS / Future Automotive Cockpit Storage

Development of a Future Automotive Cockpit storage in partnership with Simoldes and other Portuguese partners. CEiiA was responsible for all design concepts, UI/UX, structural analysis, prototyping and testing of the interior modular concept for a commercial vehicle. This project resulted in 15 patents filled, with 7 already approved.

EFACEC EV Charging Station

EFACEC EV Charing Station

In partnership with EFACEC we designed, developed and built a smart charging station and supply chain to be implemented within the MOBI.E network.



CEiiA developed a corporate mobility-as-a-service platform to be commercialized by Salvador Caetano Group. This platform offers employees several mobility services in one app, providing a more simplified and flexible mobility experience.

Seat Module

Seat Module

CEiiA with Simoldes, Sunviauto, Inapal, IST and UMinho, designed and developed a new generation of a seat module for ACECIA. This project included all stages of product development from styling, virtual prototyping, CAD, CAE (test of the strength of the seat anchorage and performance of the head restraint) until the functional prototyping.

Magnum Cap EV charging stations

Magnum Cap EV charging stations

CEiiA designed, developed, and productized a family of EV charging stations for Magnum Cap. This project involved Style, engineering design, systems integration, prototyping and pre-series production.


PAC - Demonstration Vehicle  

PAC - Demonstration Vehicle  

This product results from a project promoted by MOBINOV and led by Simoldes with CEiiA. We were responsible for the entire development process, from design, engineering, and product development to the integration and construction of the technological demonstrator, including the connectivity platform.


Special sports Car

Enjoy was designed by Pininfarina with Louis Vuitton and Bang & Olufsen. CEiiA’s engineering team was training-on-job in all phases of automotive product development around the development of a very special car. 

Volkswagen EOS

Compact Two-door Vehicle

CEiiA was involved in Product quality improvements and BIW parts re-engineering to solve manufacturing concerns. 

Mclaren P13

Sports Car

In the McLaren P13 we were involved in developing the tailgate, door, and bonnet of the vehicle with a team deployed at McLaren facilities.

Pininfarina Ferrari P4/5

Pininfarina Ferrari P4/5

CEiiA was responsible for several stages in the development of special RIMs for a one-off vehicle developed by PININFARINA with the authorization of FERRARI
- DESIGN – Modelling and dimensioning of the RIMs, starting from external styling surfaces.
- VIRTUAL ANALYSIS - Impact Analysis through CAE - Validation.
- VIRTUAL ANALYSIS - Non-linear explicit analysis. Impact test against rigid wall.
- PRODUCTION - Production of complete wheels using sand mould casting.
- PRODUCTION - CNC RIM finishing milling.​

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera

Engineering Design and Virtual validation of a roll cage for the WTCC Porsche Panamera, in compliance with FIA homologation standards in collaboration with the company N.Technology.

Mercedes Vito

Mercedes Vito

A project developed by CEiiA in Portugal and Ireland focused on weight optimization and engineering design for a bus with 21 seats. This involved safety and homologation validation, prototyping and manufacturing support.

Isuzu D-Max Canopy

Isuzu D-Max Canopy

CEiiA and VN Automóveis developed and prototyped a new Canopy for the Isuzo D-Max, to replace glass fibre parts to be suitable for small series production.