Others Products

Dual-use sectors that contribute to the sovereignty of our country and Europe


Pandemic Ventilator

Atena was designed and developed in 45 days to address the national shortage of medical equipment during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Athena is an invasive medical ventilator developed by CEiiA in collaboration with a community of doctors, companies, and universities.


Medical protection for surgeries

An Advanced Surgical Helmet developed for environments with high-risk infectious agents, specifically to address the challenges faced amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This product offers a new level of comfort, protection and technological integration for medical professionals.


Emergency Transport

SAAM - Service for Advanced Air Mobility, is a product we are developing that will operate in urban and semi-urban areas, using a new autonomous drone focused on small cargo transportation, specifically in last mile logistics and medical emergencies. CEiiA is developing this service from concept to assembly and certification, including a new set of safety systems and fleet monitoring.


Mapping and surveillance

Orca is a multipurpose unmanned vehicle designed to be an adaptable and cost-effective solution for data acquisition and seafloor mapping in inland and coastal waters. Its payload flexibility allows the integration of a wider range of sensors to respond to multiple applications and a variety of situations.


in-situ observation

SEAMOUNT is a deep-sea platform for maritime awareness designed to be a complete, modular, and cost-effective solution for data acquisition, capable of operating in harsh environments with minimal impact to the surrounding ecosystems and perform a wide range of missions like environmental monitoring, surveillance, and security. Our landers are developed in-house, and 2 units are already in operation by the Portuguese Navy.

Atlantic Constellation

Earth Observation

CEiiA is leading the Atlantic Constellation, an International Space Coalition, designed to propel Europe's earth observation capabilities. This coalition brings together companies and universities from Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom towards a common goal of using space technologies to solve some of the biggest problems on earth.