Main Objective

Aims to develop products and services in an integrated manner with a single global vision, based on a demonstrator of an urban electric multimodal transportation system.


The FLY.PT project aims to develop integrated products and services with a global vision at its core. The project centres on a demonstrator of a multimodal urban and electric transportation system. This innovative system seamlessly integrates an autonomous electric vehicle with an autonomous aerial vehicle, enabling users to effortlessly transition between land and air travel.

At the heart of FLY.PT lies the creation of a technological and knowledge foundation to address the transformative changes in air transportation. This includes advancements in electric aircraft technologies and autonomous systems.


Tekever UAS; CEiiA; AlmaDesign; INEGI; PIEP; OPTIMAL Structural Solutions; Critical Materials; SETSA; ISQ; Codi; CONTROLAR; INESC-TEC; UÉvora, IPL, ISEP; FHP; Empordef; AEDCP.

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Date of beginning:


Date of conclusion:


Total Investment:

8.194.919,00 €

EU Financial Support:

5.749.895,09 € (FEDER)

CEiiA Support:

109.117,00 €