Main Objective

Development of a digital smart city platform for urban planning and modelling.


The C-Tech project aims at researching, developing and validating a digital smart city platform for urban modelling and planning based on the current representation of the city. It delves deeper by integrating a multitude of data sources, including user behaviour derived from mobile phone usage. This comprehensive approach empowers the platform to simulate various scenarios. These simulations analyse: building energy efficiency, creation of green spaces, and energy efficiency of urban mobility.

Equipped with these insights, local authorities can effectively identify and address environmental concerns. Ultimately, C-Tech aims to contribute to the global challenge of reducing urban carbon footprints and facilitating a transition towards net-zero emissions.

As part of C-Tech, CEiiA focuses on developing mobility models. These models leverage a pilot study conducted in Lisbon to gain a deeper understanding of the urban mobility ecosystem and predict travel patterns. The models, designed with global applicability, have the potential to be replicated in cities worldwide.


NOS Comunicações; CEiiA; IST; NOVA IMS; Agência de Energia e Ambiente de Lisboa.

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Total Investment:

2.931.407,64 €

EU Financial Support:

1.454.661,66 € (FEDER)

CEiiA Support:

731.415,00 €