Main Objective

Reduce carbon emissions and aspire to create Europe's first Carbon Neutral Region.


Be.Neutral's ambition is to position Portugal as an exporter of cyber-physical zero-carbon mobility products to cities around the world.

It was designed from the opportunity to develop, industrialise and operate new products with the capacity to quantify avoided emissions in real time in order to accelerate carbon neutrality by 2030.


NOS (Leader); CEiiA;  Simoldes; TMG Group; Salvador Caetano; Toyota; Ibérica; Siemens; Armis; Bosch; MOB, HFA, EDM; DMS, Guimocircuito; Oval; OPT; Mobinov; Exatronic; With us; Edmtech; Universidade NOVA de Lisboa; Universidade do Minho; Smart Energy Lab; DTX; Técnico de Lisboa; Centro de Computação Gráfica; Citeve; INL; Alma; Piep; INEGI; CENTI; 3Drivers; OMnidea; NOS; EDP; CTT; Bright City; Evio; BEN4US; AYR NEUTRAL; Braga; Famalicão; Gaia; Guimarães; Matosinhos; Oliveira de Azeméis; Porto; Viana.


Projeto - Be.Neutral (

Date of beginning:


Date of conclusion:


Total investment:

221.376.867,92 €

EU financial support:

128.191.402,26 €

Agenda investment:

42.313.894,20 €

CEiiA support:

42.313.894,20 €