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Ocean data, information and knowledge are, currently, scattered by a diverse group of institutions and entities. Thus, besides the efforts to turn data access, exploration and safeguard more efficient and rational, there is a lack of resources to bring together the different stakeholders with intervention in the research and investigation process about the existing data.

This circumstance represents a waste of synergies, does not promote the marine environment knowledge nor its conservation or sustainable use. Therefore, it is critical to create an integrated system to collect the data and manage the Ocean information and knowledge. This project is, then, a challenge and an opportunity.

The creation of an integrated system to collect the data and manage the Ocean information and knowledge shall enable the huge potential that large data sets constitute. Even without the launching of new missions/programs to collect new data, it becomes possible to develop scientific and technological research on top of the existing and adding value to it. On the other hand, it will become possible to better know the Ocean status as well some of its subsystems.

Only with data, information and knowledge integration into one unique system will be possible to create an effective monitoring system of the Ocean and connected activities, which can serve as subsystem for the decision support.


This project ambition is to create “the instrument” that, through the convergence into a unique data location, both existing data and still to be collected data, the Plataforma Integrada de Gestão de Dados do Oceano Atlântico, allowing the open digital access to that data, enhancing the current research infrastructure and so enabling the scientific community to develop research with excellence and to generate innovation in different scientific Ocean domains, in a more efficient manner.


At the same time, this platform will enable the capacity to provide services to the educational, commercial and industrial communities, besides the scientific one, and to promote the interaction and sharing between the different actors of this Ocean community, leveraging the recognition by all of the Ocean as a national ambition and contributing to the development of the Atlantic Society, not disregarding the interest to whom inform the political decision and whom monitor the National Ocean Strategy.


The main project result will be the architecture definition for the Plataforma Integrada de Gestão de Dados do Oceano Atlântico.


CEiiA (Promoter)





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