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Ocean Tech


The OceanTech - “Collaborative vehicles and operation management systems for deep sea exploration” - is presented as a joint strategic research and development programme, whose main goals include the development of new scientific knowledge, which will allow the advancement, production and delivery of new products, processes and services for deep ocean exploration, which are to be released in a global market.


The project’s promoters intend to break the actual paradigm based on the necessity from economic agents to access information – obtained in-situ in the oceans -, and aim to streamline decision making processes associated to their areas of expertise, taking together one common mission: the development, test and validation of a pioneer and unique solution in the global market, based, by the first time, on the collaborative use of distinct data acquisition platforms (autonomous vehicles, fixed platforms and hybrid vehicles), from which, by using disruptive technologies and innovative communications systems, it is intended to conceive a solution that assures proper communication between different platforms and between them, the support infrastructure and an operational management system which ensures data integration, processing and delivery through the proper channels.


The programme will have a duration of 36 months, in which about 130 specialized resources will be involved. From this project, eleven new products validated in operational conditions will be produced, which together will turn possible the onset of a new service based on the complete integration of marine operations and its control from the shore that will offer a new sight over them, providing and commercializing information relevant to the Cientific, Industrial and Public end-users.


Abyssal, IPMA, TEKEVER AS, OceanScan, Universidade do Porto, TEKEVER ASDS, Usimeca, University of Algarve, Critical Materials, TEKEVER TI and Instituto Superior Técnico..



Beggining: 04/12/2017

End: 03/05/2022







Budget Approved: 1 835.971,02€

Financing: 1 376.978,26€ (75%)

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