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NIPIM@R Shipping Intelligence Network


EU member states develop a diverse number of monitorization operational tasks, the majority of it to accomplish the EU law obligations, which goal is to grant the safety and protection of our seas and oceans. Such tasks demand specific skill and resources in several domains: defense, customs, borders control, law general obligations, fisheries control, marine environment protection and response to ocean pollution cases and maritime transportation safety and protection.


Maritime risks and threats do not respect national borders neither administrative and thus, can, as a consequence, take benefits from one open sea space. Within a context where authorities have scarce operational and financial resources available to face increasing maritime risks, one optimized information exchange can be more cost effective and efficient.

The ambition of all the stakeholders involved in surveillance operational activities is to have timely access to the most relevant and accurate information to execute their work and exchange information without breaks between their systems, the coordination centres and the monitoring and surveillance means (ships, planes, satellites, etc.).

It is under these circumstances that arises this project NIPIM@R Shipping Intelligence Network  and its main goal to create one Shipping Intelligence Network, the Portal de Informação Estratégica para a Segurança Marítima Integrada do Shipping.

This platform of strategic information will turn possible to the shipowners with ships registered at MAR, as well as to the national agents with management responsibilities and intervention in the system – DGRM, Marinha, SIS, DGPM, RIM-MAR, for instance, access in real-time to the geolocation, risk context, energetic and environmental performance and certification status of the registered ships in the International Shipping Register of Madeira – MAR.


CEIIA (Lead Promoter)








NIPIM@R Shipping Intelligence Network
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