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The project aims to strengthen the internationalization of CEIIA's R&D activities by increasing its participation in European funding programs within Horizon 2020. To this end, a plan is proposed for participation in at least six calls in the technical domains of electric and smart mobility, space and ocean monitoring. The plan presented in this project proposes a common approach to the different calls by participating in the specific European info-days for each topic, presenting CEIIA R&D proposal for each call, and by hiring a specialized consultant to provide support on each European project application.

This plan for participation in European projects is an extension of the path that has been carried out by CEIIA and represents the materialization of the R&D strategy defined for CEIIA up to 2022. This project will act as an important instrument for the development of this strategy and is expected to generate an impact on CEIIA's success rate on European projects. This project will indirectly strengthen the presence of CEIIA in international R&D networks, as well as the participation in other international projects, as well as the preparation of CEIIA and Portugal's intervention in the next European Framework Programme 9 (FP9) and thus create a virtuous cycle of new projects and partners.



APRIL 2018 – MARCH 2020


€ 58.142,42 



€ 49.421,06 (European Regional Development Fund)


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