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CEiiA is part of the European consortium Sharing Cities (SHAR-LLM), one of the priority projects ("lighthouse projects") of Horizon 2020. This consortium, led by the municipalities of London, Lisbon and Milan, involves an investment of € 28 million to apply by 2020, and aims to make cities 'smarter' and more prepared for global challenges. It´s expected that the projects to be implemented in the three cities have the capacity to attract additional private investment of € 500 million until 2020 and the official support of the European Investment Bank to SHAR-LLM will contribute to achieve this goal.

SHAR-LLM supports the development, testing and implementation of solutions to make cities more efficient and functional and to improve the quality of life of its citizens. Among the priority areas are shared mobility solutions, electric mobility, buildings´ energy efficiency, integrated management of cities, urban logistics and active citizenship. Additionally, SHAR-LLM intends to find sustainable business models that allow the replication and adaptation of solutions developed to cities and urban areas globally.

In the next five years, CEiiA will be responsible for coordinating the activities of sustainable mobility in the three cities leading the consortium. The system will be part of a common technology platform to the three cities for monitoring and acting in the city ecosystem.



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Sharing Cities
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