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CEiiA was a major partner of Daher in the development of the new Falcon 5X from Dassault Aviation. This super mide-size jet that embraces the latest technology was introduced in France in June 2015 and will make its maiden flight soon.


The Falcon 5-X

Dassault Aviation selected Daher-Socata in 2010 for the development and the manuftacturing of the centre fuselage of the Falcon 5X. This aircraft, a super mid-size jet, has capacity for carrying 16 passengers and a range of 9,630km, allowing long hault flights.

With a selling price in excess of 40 million dollars, it is one of the last bets of Dassault Aviation to create an aircraft with the latest technology to the great luxury market. The 5X measures 25 meters long and can lift up to 31.6 tons of weight.


The participation of CEiiA in the Falcon 5X

The first CEiiA team arrived to France in 2012 to begin working on the development of the Falcon SMS - the name by which, back them, it was known the new private jet from Dassault Aviation which was, by that time, still a secret project. This group, with expertise in the areas of design and stress, worked on the project for two years and was entirely responsible for the design of skins, frames and fuselage stringers. The stress team was responsible for the calculation and validation of some of the pieces designed by CEiiA and and also other critical components of the aircraft, as parts of the doors and the floor support beams.


From 2014 onwards, CEiiA started to give technical support to aircrafts already in production. In addition to detail design for production, CEiiA´s design team was also responsible for developing solutions for repair, weight reduction, manufacturing costs reduction and changes to the aircraft production. The stress team had the mission of creating the justification documents for the calculations of the developed parts, particularly in the preparation of the aircraft fatigue documents.

Below is a video presentation of the new Falcon 5X.



Daher is a French equipment supplier, developing integrated industrial systems for aerospace and advanced technologies. In 2008 Daher acquired EADS a controlling stake in SOCATA, a historic aircraft builder and aerostructures manufactures to other companies. In 2015 Daher-Socata changed its name, becoming a business unit of Daher. The aviation unit of Daher is located in Tarbes, France, and has 1,200 employees. This is where the manufacturer develops, produces and maintains the DAHER aircrafts, called TBM, and also components for customer aircraft as fuselages for the Falcon 7X, parts for all Airbus aircrafts, composite parts for the Embraer KC-390 and fuselages helicopters.

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