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AYR | Senior DevOps Engineers

AYR, a blockchain-based sustainability platform rewards carbon neutral mobility behavior towards a new way of living in cities. Rewarding people and communities for not emitting CO2 (oppose to making them pay for their emissions) by creating and enabling voluntary local carbon markets in which green digital credits circulate as ‘eco-tokens’. Users can exchange these credits for other services and companies can offset them to compensate their local carbon footprint, all together accelerating the global transition towards carbon neutral cities.

  • Maintain and evolve the support infrastructure for operating systems ensuring scalability and high availability.

  • Monitoring of systems in a production environment and optimization of applications, data and services repositories.

  • Management and optimization of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes and infrastructures.

  • Infrastructure management in terms of maintenance, replication, redundancy and security.

  • Experienced in Systems Administration.

  • Knowledgeable and experienced in the best practices in DevOps culture.

  • Good analytical and troubleshooting skills in production environment.

  • Coding experience with multiple programming languages and infrastructure tools.

  • Highly skilled in Linux.

  • Experienced in Continuous Integration and Deployment.

  • Git and Jenkins experienced.

  • Experienced with a SaaS logic and 24/ online systems-based platforms.

  • Experienced with MQTT brokers.

  • Experienced with HTTP Servers / Proxies / Reverse Proxy / Load Balancers (example: Apache, nginx, HAProxy).

  • We value a degree in Computer Science and engineering, Information Systems Management and similar qualifications.

  • Track record in the area of Open Source.

  • Cybersecurity experience will be a plus.

  • Background in developing and analysing complex distributed systems will be a plus.


Office by the sea, two steps away from Parque da Cidade; you can simply walk or grab one of CEiiA’s bikes and ride to the beachfront or the park!

Dynamic and multidisciplinary team with a great and fun environment.

We facilitate and promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle by articulating work with personal life. We offer a great health insurance and partnerships with gyms, among other perks.

Possibility of days off for you to enjoy with your family and friends (e.g. birthday).


careers@ceiia.com with SDEVOPS_1021 on the subject