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The +Atlantic project considers new research and collaborative activities aimed to inform and assist the development of a sustainable future for the South Atlantic region. A new web based Observatory, “OIPG” (, will be developed to provide information on new opportunities for enterprises, resilient industries, and skilled employment and encourage the stakeholders involvement in risk governance practices.


A research platform will be set up with academic, regulatory and business partners from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Angola, Mozambique, Portugal, US and Norway, as a preliminary stage towards designing the Observatory.


Industrial research will be oriented to analyse the emerging opportunities for the sector supply chains, including subsea technologies (e.g. submarine drilling, marine robotic systems, and processing units), construction of new and specialized platforms and support vessels, as well as strategies to minimize health, safety and environmental risks across all elements of these systems. The analysis will include the development of energy generation networks, integrating (offshore) renewable energy sources in offshore oil and gas infrastructures, including subsea energy supply.



IST-ID, PETROGAL/Galp-E, EMEPC, ISQ, Action Modulers, ARDITI, Lusotechnip, MITI, CIIMAR/CIMAR; WavEC, IST/Larsys, ONIP (Brasil), CMU (USA), Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies (Germany).



2014 - ...

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