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The Personal Energy Device project aims to develop and test innovative private charging solutions for electric vehicles using pilot environments that address intelligent electric mobility services.


The project brings a disruptive approach where the user of electric vehicles has access to mechanisms that select the electricity (e.g., "green electricity") and manage the load as a function of several variables, including dynamic tariffs and various resources (e.g., renewable energy and stationary storage), in coordination with other services.


This project intends to develop modular solutions that create value for various applications and market environments, enable the strong internationalization potential and foster the electric mobility cluster in Portugal. These solutions meet the needs identified by different application markets: private and shared charging in a residential location, private and share charging in a gated community, shared charging in an enterprise community.


The main objectives of the project are:

  1. Concept and product development, including the integration of the product and services on the platform.

  2. Prototype testing, including the monitoring pilot (private and shared utilization) and the validation of technologies and products (electric vehicle charger, renewable energy systems, local storage, home/building energy management system, communication protocols, smart meters).

  3. Real-life environmental tests, including the sustainable development of service, market and business models.

  4. Commercial phase, including the agreements with car manufacturers/service operators on the national and the international markets.



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