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OVERVIEW - Track Record

CEiiA was the enabler of the innovative electric scooter sharing system launched by Cooltra in 2016., the first full integrated electric scooter sharing system in World. This shared mobility business had more than 4.500 scooters in 2018, operating in free float mode, meaning that registered users can pick a scooter at any location and drop it wherever they want.


CEIIA was the selected partner to provide the hardware and software solutions. CEIIA did the:

  • Adaptation of the scooter, namely the customization and installation of on board electronics;

  • Development, production and installation of IoT devices in the scooters in order to enable intelligence and connectivity;

  • Development and customisation of the SaaS platform providing modules for operational management, business intelligence and user interface;

  • Development of the End-user Apps for mobile phones with iOS and Android systems.






2016 - 2018



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