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The main objective of the MoBAE project is to promote knowledge hybridization between automotive, ICT, Aerospace and hyper-longevity in the Euro-region Galicia-North of Portugal, in order to identify new emerging competences, support entrepreneurship and generate new opportunity business in the productive system of the mobility industries.

In this sense, the emerging competencies necessary to meet the challenges and generate entrepreneurship and business opportunities associated with advanced and extended mobility will be identified. It is advanced mobility because it assumes competing skills in mobility (connected, autonomous, electric and shared), and is extended, because it aims to identify potential knowledge intersections between the automotive, ICT, aerospace and hyper-longevity fields.

To achieve its objective, the project will identify and support entrepreneurship and intra-understanding initiatives that face the main challenges of the productive system from these knowledge intersections. For this purpose, the work of awareness and training of potential and directing entrepreneurs of companies will be done and a more intensive advice will be given to entrepreneurial or business initiatives with the best potential. Such advice will include support in the search for public or private financing and in the development of its initiatives, whether through access to accelerators, incubators or potential partners.

Likewise, an investor captation work will be carried out and the euro-regional public agents will be alerted for opportunities to improve their programs to support entrepreneurship in the mobility industries.



Universidade de Vigo

Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

Fundación Cluster de Empresas de Automoción de Galicia - CEAGA

IGAPE-Instituto Gallego de Promoción Económica

Universidade do Minho



01.07.2019 – 05.10.2022


€ 1.202.315 


€​ 901.736

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