A great place to work

Loads, Mass and Balance Engineers

We are the brave ones, who always believe and make it happen!

We are addicted to rethinking what is previously established, like when we brought sustainable mobility to the agenda before everyone else did.

We engineered 2/3 of the KC-390, one of the most advanced transport and logistics aircrafts in the world.

We developed people centered solutions, that are used daily in more than 70 cities in the world, improving smart & sustainable living.

And we brought new generation devices and knowledge platforms to the market, leaving our footprint in space, as well as in our oceans.

Today, we are defining the future of mobility, as well as building advanced space systems and state-of-the-art aircrafts, while working towards a better, brighter and sustainable future here on earth.

CEiiA exists for the love of engineering.

Our mission is to be a global platform of engineering and product development that senses the future, portrays shifts and performs opportunities through the development and the market of new products and services.

We're an organization for planet earth committed people, bringing together an amazing innovative community.

More than good professionals, we hire awesome people.

Our people are the core of our business accomplishments.

Our teams are diverse and we welcome one´s individuality, empowering differences.

We value different expertise and outlooks, generating an all-round habitat for each person.

  • Participate in the first complete aeronautical program in the country, from concept to industrialization, certification and operation of a new generation light aircraft.

  • Be involved in the development, industrialization and operation of a light and multi-configurable aircraft for passenger transport.

  • Focus on operational optimization and sustainability, foreseeing the evolution to a carbon neutral platform.

  • Master in Mechanical, Aeronautical, Aerospace, Electrotechnical or similar Engineering.

  • Fast and dynamic learner.

  • Great capacity for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • Technically skilled in: structural design / calculation and structural mechanics / aerodynamics / cargo and flight mechanics / production process and tolerance / materials.

  • Proficient in english (speech and writing).


Above average package

We facilitate and promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle by articulating work with personal life.


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