Responsible for fly the UAV and for the communication with the Air Traffic Controllers (ATC).

Responsible for the Intel aspect of the mission and the flight envelope.


Assist the Mission Commander in ground and flight operations efforts including the activities of mission planning, briefing and debriefing of the flights;

Operate/fly UAV in accordance with the rules, regulations and/or instructions established for this job;

In case of emergency responsible to perform the Quick Reference Handbook (QRH);

Communicate with the Air Traffic Controllers (ATC);

Operate the payload of the UAV, on the ground and in flight in accordance with the rules, regulations and/or instructions established for this job;


If the Internal Pilot is nominated as Mission Commander has additional activities:

  • Submit the following documents for site manager control post flight:

  • Operational flight plan;

  • RPA Technical Log (also Journey Log);

  • Fuelling order (Trip info);

  • The filed ATS flight plan;

  • Appropriate NOTAM/AIS briefing documentation;

  • Appropriate meteorological information;

  • Mass and balance documentation;

  • Notification of special categories of passenger(s);

  • Current maps and charts and associated documents;

  • Complete the Tech Log book (no more than one day per sheet) and informs the Site Manager of any defects;

  • Manage the operators team;

  • Manage the plan schedule in collaboration with Site Manager and articulated with the Operations Manager;

  • Communicate with contracting authorities;

Check and send the operators timesheets to Operations, Finance and Budget Managers.


  • Pilot course or Aeronautical Engineering

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience piloting 1aircrafts/UAV’s

  • Communications Systems (such as radio devices / walkie-talkies / or others)

  • Valid Elbit Certificate (training will be performed by Elbit) - Mandatory

  • Valid Medical Certificate - Mandatory

  • Knowledge of meteorological topics related to aviation

  • Knowledge of Air Traffic Control (ATC) procedures

  • General Aircraft Systems knowledge

  • Basic imagery interpretation

  • Computer domain from the user's perspective (Windows environment, MS Office and / or others) 

  • Level "Independent User (B1 / B2)" in English

  • Availability to travel (to work on site several months in a year, at least 3 months continuously)

Soft Skills:

  • Strict 

  • Proactivity

  • Dynamic

  • Results Orientation

  • Capability to work under pressure

  • Responsibility

  • Critical thinking

  • Team work capability

  • Flexibility and Ability to adapt to change

  • Communication skills

  • Capability to work autonomously

Additional Soft Skills as Site Manager:

  • Leadership ability

  • Problem-solving

  • Organization and Planning skills


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