Responsible for the UAV avionics and electrics systems maintenance.


Perform maintenance (guarantee the different levels of maintenance), repairs and installation of various types of electronic equipment;

Electrical system checkout including functional testing and troubleshooting of all aircraft electrical systems;

Detect and diagnoses malfunctions in the electrical components;

Perform UAV Built in Test (BIT) and maintenance by using Ground Support Equipment (GSE) as needed;

Perform UAV O/L troubleshooting down for a faulty LRU and replace it.;

Assist in the Ground Control Station (GCS) maintenance (guarantee the different levels of maintenance);

Assist in the Ground Data Link Terminals (GDT) maintenance (guarantee the different levels of maintenance);

Operate the payload of the UAV, on the ground and in flight in accordance with the rules, regulations and/or instructions established for this job;


If the Avionics Technician is nominated as Site Manager has additional activities:

  • Store necessary/sensitive documents in locked containers and control their access and send it to CEIIA as required. The documents would include but not be limited to:

    • Original receipts from fuel, etc.

    • Completed Aircraft Tech Log book with maintenance releases

    • Any other official documents

  • Manage the ground crew;

  • Manage the plan schedule in collaboration with Mission Commander and articulated with Operations Manager;

  • Manage Operating fund;

  • Check and send the ground crew timesheets to Operations, Finance and Budget Managers;

  • Purchases needs registration.



  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in similar activities

  • Degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Informatics or similar

  • Knowledge about Avionics/Electronics maintenances procedures

  • Knowledge about general theory of the UAV operation

  • Knowledge about Ground Control Station (GCS) theory of operation

  • Knowledge about Ground Data Link Terminals (GDT) theory of operation

  • Basic knowledge about GCS and GDT maintenance (different levels)

  • Computer domain from the user's perspective (Windows environment, MS Office and / or others)

  • Level "Independent User (B1 / B2)" in English

  • Availability to travel (to work on site several months in a year, at least 3 months continuously)

Soft Skills:

  • Strict

  • Proactivity

  • Dynamic

  • Results Orientation

  • Capability to work under pressure

  • Responsibility

  • Critical thinking

  • Team work capability

  • Flexibility and Ability to adapt to change

  • Communication skills

  • Capability to work autonomously


Additional Soft Skills as Site Manager:

  • Leadership ability

  • Problem-solving

  • Organization and Planning skills



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