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The need to develop technologies to create a safe ecosystem, for semi- or urban settings, emerges because of the knowledge generated and the ongoing work in the Advanced Air Mobility sector.

The creation of Advanced Air Mobility-Business Unit at CEiiA began in 2021, following a strategic roadmap combined with other industries with a special focus on the aeronautical industry. With the aim of creating value, adding knowledge, and developing mechanisms and products, designed from scratch for Advanced Air Mobility, the need arises to separate the technologies associated with the aeronautical sector and to continue the work developed over the last decade in services and products related to unmanned aerial vehicles.

CEiiA's multidisciplinary activity has been fundamental to introduce new technologies combining all the competences and integrating horizontal and vertical mobility. Keeping with the intention of leveraging the national industry, this drone platform is being developed by CEiiA in partnership with national reference entities.

Who Are We
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We are a multidisciplinary team with strong background in aircraft development and smart Mobility.

A multirotor modular platform for testing and validating enabling technologies for Advanced Air Mobility.

CASTA was designed to operate in semi- and urban areas, therefore safety is a key feature.

A modular drone with a payload capacity of 20 kilograms (4 rotors) to 40 kilograms (8 rotors) for logistic operations and monitoring missions. The development of this vehicle was designed to respond to different use cases ranging from the agricultural setting to the logistics and transportation industries in a semi- and urban context.

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